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3 Fun Activities For Families And Groups Of Friends

3 Fun Activities For Families And Groups Of Friends

There can be fewer events that put a smile on everyone’s faces more than taking part in fun activities with your family and friends. The beauty of them is that many are very easy to organise, and they need not cost a fortune either. Whether it is just 4 of you, or you have a larger group of 10 or more, there is almost certainly a suitable fun activity which you can all enjoy.

Often, we hear the excuse from some that they cannot think of any fun activities that they have not already tried before. Well, for those people, and for yourself, if you are genuinely struggling to think of something, we are here to help. Read on, and you discover 3 simple and fun activities that you, your family and your friends can try. As we have mentioned, none of them are expensive to set up or play.

Fun Activity #1: ‘Stop’

This is a simple game, with the only equipment necessary being a soft ball. One person stands in the middle holding the ball, with all the others circled around them. The person with the ball throws it in the air and shouts the name of one of the group. That person has to catch the ball, while the others run as fast as they can away from the ball.

Once the person has caught the ball, they shout the word ‘STOP’ as loud as they can, and everyone else must now stop running. The person with the ball has to now try to throw the ball and try to hit one of the group with it. If they succeed, the person hit with the ball is now in the centre. If they miss, they start again in the centre.

Fun Activity #2: Bocce Ball

For this, you will need one white ball. and multiple coloured balls for everyone who is taking part. The game starts with the white ball being thrown. Everyone needs to then circle the ball, standing a reasonable and equal distance away from where the white ball has landed.

Each person then takes turns to throw each of their three coloured balls, trying to land it as close to the white ball as possible. Whoever’s ball is closest wins a point, and if they have two, or even three balls closest, they win two or three points as a result. Variations of the game include throwing the balls blindfolded, adding obstacles, playing on an incline  or throwing whilst facing away from the white ball.

Fun Activity #3: Giant Jenga

You will hopefully already be familiar with Jenga is, but if not it is a fun game where you try to remove wooden blocks from a tall structure made from them. Whoever causes the structure to fall is eliminated, the structure is rebuilt, and the game continues until the last remaining player is the winner. This is game of skill and patience, and it can also be highly competitive.

Normally Jenga is played on a flat tabletop with small blocks of wood, but for even bigger thrills, you should play using giant wooden blocks on the floor or ground. These giant Jenga blocks can be purchased, or even made, if you know someone who is skilled at woodwork. Now you have a tower that is as tall as the players, and a fun activity that everyone can enjoy.