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De Facto Relationships and How Divorce Law Applies to Them

De facto relationships is one in which two people who are not legally married to one another act as if they are indeed married, and it is relationship which has specific laws which apply to it if that couple separate and this is why family lawyers who specialise in divorce play an important role  part in the separation of de facto couples.

What Is A De Facto Relationship?

In Australia a de facto relationship, especially, is when two people live together and behave like a married couple despite not being legally married to one another. These two people can be either opposite or same-sex and can live together on a “genuine domestic basis.”

If, in fact, two partners are living on a “genuine domestic basis” and perceived as a de facto couple, then if their separation becomes a matter for the court it may look into information such as:

  • The duration of a relationship
  • The existence of a sexual relationship
  • Common residence nature an extent
  • A property’s ownership, acquisition, and use
  • The extent of financial interdependence or dependence and financial support arrangements
  • To see whether a relationship is or had been registered under a state/territory’s prescribed law
  • Caring and supporting children to the couple’s relationship
  • The extent of the intended party’s’ mutual commitment to a shared life
  • The relationship’s public aspects and reputation


3 Fun Activities For Families And Groups Of Friends

3 Fun Activities For Families And Groups Of Friends

There can be fewer events that put a smile on everyone’s faces more than taking part in fun activities with your family and friends. The beauty of them is that many are very easy to organise, and they need not cost a fortune either. Whether it is just 4 of you, or you have a larger group of 10 or more, there is almost certainly a suitable fun activity which you can all enjoy.

Often, we hear the excuse from some that they cannot think of any fun activities that they have not already tried before. Well, for those people, and for yourself, if you are genuinely struggling to think of something, we are here to help. Read on, and you discover 3 simple and fun activities that you, your family and your friends can try. As we have mentioned, none of them are expensive to set up or play. (more…)

Child Care Options

What Are My Child Care Options?

No matter how much we’d prefer to keep our children home with us while they’re young, there is a growing need for quality child care. After all, to keep them fed and clothed, being a part of the workforce is essential. If you’re almost ready to return to work and want to be aware of your child care options, then take a look at the variety below. You’re sure to find the options are more flexible than you think.

Home-Based Child Care

Home-based childcare is becoming more and more popular in Australian households. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, in 2017, 22.2 percent of families with children in child care prefer the more informal home-based setting. Home-based care can typically consist of either a nanny, friend, or family member caring for your child or children in a home environment.

For some people, this option is not only affordable but more convenient. If you’re not within proximity to a care facility, home-based care requires less travel which is beneficial for both you and your children.

Family Day Care

Family day care, which falls under the informal child care umbrella, is also growing in popularity. Rather than drop your children off at a facility, they can form close relationships and bonds with approved carers and a small group of children. Typically, family day care is located at a carer’s home where they benefit from home comforts. For some families, this option is a preference because children receive beneficial one-on-one time for more extended periods.