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What you need to know about protein powders

There are so many different protein powders available on the market. What’s the best one for you?

Whey protein is the most common protein powder and has a full amino acid profile so it provides a complete source of protein to provide recovery and repair to muscles. Whey is a dairy product and can be hard for the digestive system to process especially if you are sensitive to dairy or lactose. It can cause abdominal cramping as well as diarrohea, constipation and bloating so this is where vegetable proteins excel as an alternative to whey.

Most vege proteins are dairy free, gluten free, artificial flavour and colour free, preservative free, vegan, and low in carbs and sugar. They are also easier for the body to utilise, process and digest. Some come with digestive enzymes in the powder as well. They are alkaline, whey is acidic and they are in gerneal priced they same as whey if not cheaper.

Pea Protein-9 essential amino acids, great for recovery just like whey, can lower blood pressure and flush toxins from kidneys. High in lysine (cold sore fighter), arginine and glutamine (gut repairer).

Brown Rice Protein-9 essential amino acids, also great for recovery, can help lower cholestrol and improve energy. High in calcium and iron B1, B2, B3, phosphorus and potassium.

The best of both worlds…

Pea protein and brown rice protein are now satrting to be blened together to make a complete protein just like whey. This mean that you get the best of both worlds. Our favorite is RAW by Amazonia, which also has the added digestive enzymes.

Some things to consider when picking your protein…

Organic-free of GM, pesticides, fertilisers and chemical free.

Bio-fermented-digestive enzymes have pre-digested your protein allowing you to reap the benefits with 98% absorption.

Sprouted-this activates vitamins, minerals and proteins increasing availbility by up to 30%. Sprouting is also thought to reduce the likelihood of triggering allergic responses.