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Buying Jewellery

Advice When Buying Jewellery

If you’re heading to a jewellery store to pick out something for your nearest and dearest, then you’re bound to be feeling a little nervous. After all, whatever you’re planning on buying can be a significant investment. What’s more, it can be a special time if you’re declaring your love, planning a surprise, or decide to turn your partner into your fiancé.

Jewellery Perth advises that before you step foot in the shop, however, it’s helpful to have a game plan. Here are five things you shouldn’t do in a jewellery store.

Shop Without Advice

You may have browsed the internet to get a fair idea of what you like, but when it comes down to it, you’re not a jewellery expert. Fortunately, you will have several at your disposal! Talk to the store assistant about the occasion, your loved one, their likes and dislikes, and your budget. Having expert help on-hand can help to eliminate options that don’t suit, reducing the chance of you becoming overwhelmed and leaving empty-handed.

Forget to Ask About Certification and Return Policies

If you plan on spending quite a significant sum of money, then you want to be able to protect yourself. Don’t leave a jewellery store with your purchase without first asking about certification options and return policies. Make sure you have the value and details of the purchase in written form for insurance purposes. And, if it turns out the gift is not suitable, it’s helpful if you can return it or have options surrounding returns. (more…)

Wedding Day Special

10 Tips to Make Your Wedding Day Special

Every bride wants their wedding day to be special but sometimes that desire gets buried under the 1001 things to be done before the date arrives. But there are many simple things that can be incorporated into your organisation as well as the wedding. For the wedding reception, having a photobooth ready for guests to take photos or themselves is a thoughtful addition as well as something to create a great deal of fun and some take-home memories. What else can you do?

  • Very often, the invitations go out months before the wedding. You can make your wedding guests feel part of everything by sending out a newsletter every month to all those who’ve accepted. Make it humorous and tell them how the organisation is progressing, any fun things that have happened – even disasters can be made fun of. If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry, right?

Mention some of your guest by name to make the letter more personal, wondering how they got on with their own wedding.

  • Ask each person to write out a little fun note of advice, or tell about something funny that happened on their own wedding day and bring it to the wedding. It can be dropped in a decorated box or bowl there to be read at your leisure. You could even let others read the offerings.