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What Sort Of Website Should Your Gym Have Designed?

What Sort Of Website Should Your Gym Have Designed?

If you are the owner or the manager of a gym and have come to the conclusion that your website is failing to attract more members via the internet, then the time has certainly come for a new website design for your gym. According to Perth web designers, making that decision is the easy part, as what needs a lot more time and attention is determining what sort of website design for your gym is best.

Unless you are a skilled website designer yourself, we suggest you hire the services of a professional website designer or agency, but that does not mean that you cannot have any input. In fact, it is essential that have some input, so here are some ideas you should seek to include in any design for your gym’s website.

Determine Who Your Target Audience Is

We know gyms each have their own target audience for membership with some geared towards just bodybuilding, some open to all ages, some gyms will be large and offer a vast array of fitness services, and so on. Whichever sub-niche your gym falls into, this should identify for you the age, sex, fitness levels, and specific activities, for example, that your target audience is within, and your website design should reflex that.

Ensure Your Design Is Mobile Friendly and Intuitive

Lots of people literally live on their mobile devices and this is likely for most of those you are targeting. Elements that your web design should have will be easy navigation, integration with social media, a search function, and the ability to make easy payment in order to subscribe to a gym membership. These should all be available on PCs accessing your website, and definitely for mobile devices too.

High Definition Imagery and Videos

People visit gyms for several reasons and one of them is to make their body look better. With that in mind, your website design needs to incorporate excellent visuals that show people with bodies that others would aspire to. The use of videos is also highly effective so it can be used to showcase your gym’s facilities and for providing free online fitness training.

Testimonials and Reviews

You will find that many gym owners fear reviews in case they get negative ones, but you should be the opposite. Make sure you ask every member to give you a review, and even if you get a negative one, it is a fantastic opportunity to show how good your customer service is. Obviously, your positive reviews and testimonials should be part of your website for all visitors to see.

Clear Calls To Action

The core function of your website should be to encourage those who have not yet joined your gym to do so, presumably via a membership plan. You can offer this directly and provide the means for them to join via a payment processor,  perhaps with a free trial, and you could also give them the means to contact you for more information. The contact page should be easy to complete, as should the payment page.

Location Details

It beggars belief why some gyms would not have their location details on their website, but amazingly some do. Your website design should have a page clearly marked as ‘Location’ as it is more than likely some prospective gym members will simply turn up at the gym, rather than join via the online process.  Ideally, have your gym’s address details plus a map and if there is any public transport nearby give those details too.