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Why Dental Implants Are Skyrocketing in Popularity  

You will be hard-pressed to find anyone who hasn’t at least heard the term ‘dental implants’. Dentists have been talking about them and offering them for years, and patients have been reaping the rewards for equally as long. But for those who are not yet familiar with them, what’s all the fuss about? Why are dental implants skyrocketing in popularity? Here’s why.

They Look and Feel Natural

The process of getting dental implants involves inserting posts into the jawbone, with an artificial tooth added to the top to become your natural tooth. Because it’s secured in place permanently, it looks and feels as natural as your own tooth. For many people, that natural look is quite important and is a far more preferred option than dentures, which can slip and move around in your mouth.

The Success Rate is High

There are many ways to fix teeth. Your dentist should offer fillings, braces, whitening services, and all manner of options for people to sustain their pearly whites for as long as possible.

But for those who are looking for a sure-fire way to improve the appearance of their teeth for a long time, dental implants are the clear winner. As far as restorations go, they can last a considerable number of years with the right care and maintenance.

You Can Eat and Chew Properly

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, the average Australian adult is missing 4.5 teeth. Imagine how hard it must be to eat everyday food, not to mention apples, carrots, and other solid produce.

That’s why dental implants are becoming a more common dental procedure. The dental implants are anchored into the bone, which means you can use them as you would your regular teeth.

Your Facial and Bone Structure Improves

When you lose a tooth, the neighbouring teeth immediately start trying to fill the gap. The result is bone loss and a loss of jaw bone height. When you delay the dental implants process, your dentists may need to carry out a bone graft just to make sure there’s enough bone to insert the implant post into.

That’s why getting dental implants and getting them fast is essential. They can preserve tooth tissue, bone, and jaw structure that will inevitably deteriorate over time without teeth in place.

They’re Comfortable

Losing teeth isn’t a comfortable experience. You can end up compensating for the loss by overusing other teeth while eating, and that on its own can have serious dental implications. While dentures are ideal for those with significant teeth loss, they are not the most comfortable or convenient option for anyone who is only missing a few teeth. Dental implants are.

Once the healing process occurs, and the new tooth is firmly in place, it can feel like the artificial tooth was always there. You can chew, eat, and smile naturally and comfortably.

Dentists offer dental implants as a service for many people who are missing one or more teeth. If you think you could benefit from such a service, why not make an appointment with your dentist to find out more?