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Why You Shouldn’t Skimp on Wedding Gifts

A scroll through social media would be all it takes to see the fallout from substandard bridesmaids gifts. Relationships have been ruined, bridesmaids have been left confused, and the bride and groom have been left red-faced. If you’re one of the several Australian couples who, according to the Bride to Be magazine, spent upwards of $60,000 on their wedding, then make sure some of that is left over for bridesmaids gifts such as bridesmaid robes. Here’s why.

You Chose Them for a Reason

Of course, it’s going to be an honour for any of your close friends to be chosen as your bridesmaids, but there is a reason you chose them. You trust them, they mean a lot to you, and you wouldn’t want anyone else to be by your side during the process. However, while a wedding is stressful for you as the bride and groom, it’s also exceptionally stressful for the bridal party. They want everything to go smoothly as well, and a lot of the logistical planning is left up to them. It’s important to remember that you chose this role for them, not the other way around.

There’s no denying that your bridesmaids love being a part of your special day, but you can make them feel like you appreciate them by giving them bridesmaids gifts that suit their effort – especially if the wedding is a lavish affair.

They Are Giving Up Their Time

Weddings can take weeks, months, and even years to prepare, especially if you’re hosting an elegant wedding with hundreds of people. If you have a bridal party who is helping you work out those finer details, then you must know they are giving up a significant amount of their time for you. What’s more, if they work full time or live out of town, it can come at a significant personal cost. If your only bridesmaids gifts are a simple ‘thank you,’ you may find your bridal party goes home feeling quite dejected.

You Couldn’t Do It Without Them

Planning a large, lavish wedding is something that can turn the calmest person into a bridezilla at the click of your fingers. It’s a stressful process, and it’s also too much for one person. Therefore, the role of the bridal party, particularly the maid of honour, is to help you organise the event – in the absence of a wedding planner. Of course, the groom will contribute to a certain extent, but the bride tends to know what she wants and will need help to do it.

Therefore, it’s important to understand that your big day couldn’t be the success it is without your bridal party. Realising this puts you one step closer to presenting them with bridesmaids gifts that reflect your gratitude for their efforts.

It Could Strain Your Relationship

According to a study by the Daily Mail in 2014, a third of bridesmaids fall out with the bride. It’s a high-stress occasion, even if it’s supposed to be one of the most magical times of your life. Aside from ensuring you buy bridesmaids gifts reflective of the gratitude you have, you also have to make sure you keep your behaviour in check. You don’t want to become bridezilla and risk losing a long-term friendship over one day.


Choosing not to skimp on bridesmaids gifts could be one of the best decisions you ever make. Your bridesmaids will feel respected and appreciated, and you will know you’ve repaid your girls ten-fold for the effort they’ve put in.