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Wedding Day Special

10 Tips to Make Your Wedding Day Special

Every bride wants their wedding day to be special but sometimes that desire gets buried under the 1001 things to be done before the date arrives. But there are many simple things that can be incorporated into your organisation as well as the wedding. For the wedding reception, having a photobooth ready for guests to take photos or themselves is a thoughtful addition as well as something to create a great deal of fun and some take-home memories. What else can you do?

  • Very often, the invitations go out months before the wedding. You can make your wedding guests feel part of everything by sending out a newsletter every month to all those who’ve accepted. Make it humorous and tell them how the organisation is progressing, any fun things that have happened – even disasters can be made fun of. If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry, right?

Mention some of your guest by name to make the letter more personal, wondering how they got on with their own wedding.

  • Ask each person to write out a little fun note of advice, or tell about something funny that happened on their own wedding day and bring it to the wedding. It can be dropped in a decorated box or bowl there to be read at your leisure. You could even let others read the offerings.

  • Make sure you greet each person and chat to them for a few minutes during the wedding reception. Ask them something about themselves to let them know they are not just a name on the list, even if you don’t know them well – or at all, as can happen with some families whose relatives live a long way away.
  • Try and have the ceremony and reception at venues close enough for guests to walk to. Then give everyone a brightly coloured balloon to carry as they go. This will make your wedding stand out and provide a great opportunity for a special photo when they all arrive at their destination.
  • End your night in style by offering the guests one last treat about an hour before the time is up. The meal may have ended ages ago, so a snack bar with coffee might be a good way to go.
  • If children are invited, make a special activity table or corner for them with colouring books, puzzles, toys and games to play.
  • Invite all the older married guests to take the floor with you for that first dance. It takes the pressure off you and will delight the oldies. Bring in everyone for a final swirl before it ends. The DJ will help you.

With these few tips your guests will feel like they are truly welcome to your wedding.