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Straighten Your Hair

How to Straighten Your Hair Perfectly

When you get up in the morning and see the frizzy mop staring back at you in the mirror, it can seem like straightening it for the best look is in the “too hard” basket. After all, who has an hour or more set aside for just their hair? Many people choose to tie their hair up to avoid the battle when they really could be looking at their very best with the most minimal amount of effort. Here’s how to straighten your hair correctly in less time than you would have imagined.

To straighten your hair to perfection, it’s mostly in the preparation. Choosing shampoo and condition that promotes a frizz-free finish, or a smooth look, are the ones to opt for. They can help to make sure your hair isn’t frizzy, dry or brittle before you take to it with the flat irons.

Once you’ve washed your hair, it’s crucial not to towel dry it too vigorously. The aim is to have it lie flat, and that won’t be achieved if you’re fluffing it up with a towel. Instead, gently dry it with a hairdryer, or opt to let it dry naturally if time allows. Once you’re ready to straighten it, ensure it’s thoroughly dry with no wet strands.

When you’re heating up the hair straighteners, ensure you have a thermal protectant at the ready. These products help protect your hair from intense heat while adding more shine and moisturising it in the process. Thicker hair may benefit from a product such as Argan oil.

Then the real fun begins, the straightening! This is the part that has most people frustrated, as it seems to take “hours”. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth if you’re choosing to straighten it correctly. The main point to remember is that you shouldn’t be taking a “random” approach to straightening, by taking different bits of hair until the job is done. Instead, use a method. Split your hair into sections and clip them back. Work on one part at a time, moving methodically onto the next part.

If you find that your hair isn’t straightening as well as you would like, remember that you have to create tension. Keep your hair taut and pull it down from the root, straighten it, then repeat the process. Loose hair doesn’t straighten as efficiently as hair that’s pulled tight. What’s more, it’s also helpful to have a quality straightening iron. An old iron that has seen better days will not produce the same results as a top brand on the market today.

Now that your hair is looking straight and luxurious, it’s time for the finishing touches. For that little bit of shine, add a light hairspray. This keeps it from frizzing or curling while maintaining that gorgeous shine.

Straightening your hair may seem like an arduous task, but it doesn’t have to be. Once you’ve established the correct techniques, you can have beautifully straight hair in just minutes.