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Teen Druguse

Drug Abuse among Teens are Riskier than You Thought

According to one of Indonesia’s preeminent addiction recovery facilities, Bali Health Services, drug abuse is disastrous to the physical, emotional, and mental health of everyone that decides to take that path. However, the negative effects are much greater on teenagers than on full-grown adults.

According to statistics, 44% of high school students know someone their age who sells drugs. When asked which drugs were sold, it was found out that 91% was marijuana, 24% were prescription drugs, and the remaining were other substances like cocaine and ecstasy. As a result of the overwhelming use of these drugs, drug rehabs from around the world are doing a roaring trade.

It’s indeed a tough time for the youth of today and it makes sense why we should find out more about the issue. This way, we can prevent further cases of drug abuse and addiction with the help of drug rehab.

Behavioral Problems

Teens who use illegal drugs have a high risk of suffering from depression, committing acts of violence, including suicide, a causing a number of different social problems. It can mess up their lives in multiple ways. Knowing that they’re still at the stage where they’re discovering their real personality and identity, there is a great danger of society having to endure teens that have a significantly negative effect on those around them.

Addiction and Later Consequences in Life

Studies prove that stopping drug addiction in teenagers is not easy because of their desire to be wanting to do their own thing. What makes things worse is that people who started using drugs when they were younger are more likely to suffer a relapse with drugs later in life.

Emotional Problems

Drug abuse can also cause emotional problems like depression, evoke suicidal thoughts, create anxiety, bring about mood swings, and even cause schizophrenia. In fact, studies found that 34% of depressed teens use drugs. Teens that also use marijuana regularly are more likely to double their risk of anxiety and depression than adults.

All adults are fully grown!!!

Infectious Diseases

Teen drug users can easily be infected by serious diseases such as Hepatitis B and C, AIDS, and HIV. This is because some substances are administered by needles. Casual sex amongst teens can increase the risk of STDs.

Hampered Brain Development

Teens are still in a developmental stage, both physically and mentally, so their intellectual capabilities are still growing. Using drugs at such a young age would not only hamper the development of their cognitive abilities but can also cause short and long-term memory loss.

Drug abuse can even lead to brain damage in some cases. There are studies that have shown where the brains of drug addicts have actually shrunk, sometimes resulting in amnesia.

There is Hope

The recovery from drug addiction is difficult for any age group. Particularly for teens who have their own issues. While it may seem to be a mountain too high to climb, with professional help and guidance from trained mentors, drug addiction can be beaten. The main thing is to never give up hope. Sacrifices and never-ending support will help beat the scourge of drug addiction and wrest back a teen’s life.