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Bali and Botox

Bali and Botox– Do They Mix?

Bali is a wonderful place to go for a holiday with all the amazing sights to see and things to do. There are monkeys and temples in the jungle, amazing beaches, lots of shopping opportunities, traditional Balinese food and the longest water slides you’ll find anywhere in the world, to name just a few.  But is Bali right for Botox treatment? If you choose a Perth cosmetic surgeon for your Botox injections you can be sure they have had the proper training. You can’t always be sure of this when you go to Bali – or Thailand – for treatment.

The president of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons warns that Botox should only be prescribed and injected by doctors in an appropriate setting.  In some countries, this does not happen. While one doctor may be available at the clinic you attend, he or she may not do the procedure or even be in the room to oversee those who do.

This lack often has unforeseen consequences.  Even though Botox is considered a low risk procedure, there are still some risks and these are more likely to be a problem in places where high quality controls are not in place. Why risk something unforeseen happening when there is no need to?

Anti-wrinkle injections soften those deep wrinkles that can be very aging. They are ideal for treating vertical wrinkles between the eyebrows, horizontal wrinkles across the forehead and other facial wrinkles such as those lower down around the cheek and nose area.  Botox is also a good treatment for treat certain other medical problems.

The point is that this treatment is done for a specific reason. No matter how low the risk is, you really would want it to be done by a professional who has all the right qualifications, training and experience – and who actually does the procedure on you, rather than overseeing other people who do it. That way you can be sure that the result will be the best possible. There is no worry about having to jet home for several hours instead of contacting the clinic about a problem.

If you are overseas, there is a time limit on when you can get a problem looked at by the doctor who did the procedure.  You won’t know whether you’ll be able to get an appointment before you need to fly home.  If you happen to fly home straight after the procedure is done and then find a problem, it’s unlikely you’ll want to fly all the way back again.

This is why so many cosmetic surgeons in Perth find they are contacted by people who went overseas for their treatment and then discovered a problem with it. These people have no choice but to seek an expert opinion and more treatment in their own country to fix up the problem.