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Steps to Accessing Your Super Early When You’re Sick

A range of illnesses can make you consider retiring early, such as those that affect your mobility, breathing, and mental health. When you talk to your financial planners about retiring early, you may be alerted that you can access your superannuation fund to reduce the risk of financial difficulties.

However, it’s not a straightforward process without help and may require you to take some of the following steps.

  1. Decide if Retirement is Right For You

First, it’s essential to determine whether early retirement is right for you based on your health needs. Are you experiencing an ongoing medical issue or a temporary one? Would you be better off taking short-term leave or retiring from your job altogether? Could you take on another role that doesn’t impact your health condition?

Talk to your healthcare provider if you’re unsure whether permanent retirement is the most appropriate option. They can provide insight into your medical conditions to determine whether the work you’re doing now is too much for your body or mind to handle.