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What Removalists Employers Need To Know About Employee Substance Abuse

What Removalists Employers Need To Know About Employee Substance Abuse

Whilst substance abuse is most certainly a societal problem that is unlikely to be remedied anytime soon, for employers, including removalists, substance abuse amongst their staff, creates a far more immediate problem that may need to be addressed. Whether you have an employee who drinks to excess, or who takes drugs, the implications for them, their colleagues and your inter state removalists business’s clients cannot be ignored.

Let us first say, that this article is not going to be about how wrong substance abuse is and the risks it poses to the health of someone caught up in it. Many words have been written about that, and in truth, there is little to be gained by us adding to them. Instead, we want to touch upon what removalists business owners should know about substance abuse, as often they are unsure how to deal with an employee should it come to light they are drinking excessively or taking drugs.

Dangers Of Substance Abuse At Work

First, the consequences of someone abusing substances such as alcohol or drugs like cocaine for your business can be stark. Anyone under the influence of these substances is obviously putting their health at risk, but they are also potentially could be in scenarios where they are endangering the well-being or even the life of other employees and clients.